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Updated: Jun 13


Low Key Arts presents San Antonio 4-piece AMYGDALA for a brief, intimate appearance at Garland County Library auditorium at 1427 Malvern Ave. on Monday, June 27, 2022.

Amygdala will perform at 6:00 PM sharp, we advise arriving early.

All ages are welcome, $5 donations for the band highly encouraged.

Hear Amygdala at

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  • Sonny Kay

Low Key Arts welcomes solo double bassist Adam Goodwin to Hot Springs for TWO intimate outdoor performances on Wednesday, June 15.

4:00 PM - ADAIR PARK 7:30 PM - SQZBX (236 Ouachita Ave., back patio)

Both performances are free.

Goodwin is a composer, musician and visual artist based between Berlin, Germany and Texas. He is active as an interpreter of contemporary and classical music and organizes creative projects throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Goodwin's compositions often place a heavy emphasis on the use of harmonics, overtones and microtonality on string instruments, as well as using non-idiomatic and unconventional sounds as compositional elements, resulting in a vast universe of resonant textures reflecting elements of drone music, extended just intonation, minimalism, free improvisation and noise.

He is particularly interested in the balance between performer and composer in contemporary music practice, and considers the interpreter of the piece to have an equal creative input to that of the composer. His work also frequently explores elements of physicality and mental state during performance and listening, acoustic and psycho-acoustic phenomena and site-specific recording and performance spaces, as well as addressing socio-political and environmental issues.

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  • Sonny Kay

Renowned percussionist and drummer Jon Mueller is celebrated for his uncommon technique, rigor and virtuosity. He brings his Afterlife Cartoons project to the Pocket Community Theatre for one night on Friday, April 29. Hot Springs' own Mental Mission (feat. Bobby Missile and Dan Anderson) and multi-instrumentalist Ricko Donovan also perform. An evening of unusual and provocative soundscapes. Details here.

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