Low Key Arts


(Basics for Guitar, Bass & Keyboards)

Instructors: Brennan Leeds & Harry Glaeser of Couch Jackets

Location: Low Key Arts, 118 Arbor Street, Hot Springs, AR 71901

Cost: $120

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In this comprehensive and lesson-based four-week course, each student develops the tools to become a master of the instrument of their choosing, exactly as they would like to play it. Lessons are case-by-case studies, focusing into the way each participant wants to utilize their instrument according to their own influences or interests. Students are led through genres and styles of their own choosing by highly skilled and experienced mentors to help them grow along the way. This course is intended to turn the novice instrumentalist into a technically advanced and thoughtful artist, fit with the knowledge needed to find one’s own unique musical aesthetic.


Brennan Leeds

Brennan Leeds is a Little Rock-based multi-instrumentalist, though he mainly plays the guitar, bass and piano. Leeds attended and is an alumni of both the Berklee College of Music and the Interlochen Arts Academy, where he studied all three instruments at length along with a theoretical focus on songwriting. His years in the music industry have led him through over 40 states, in and out of a variety of venues and studios including the Troubadour in Los Angeles, and Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

Harry Glaeser

Harry is a musician, composer, and producer based in Little Rock. Along with Brennan, he is a member of Couch Jackets (for whom he plays keys). He and his bandmates have ventured across the U.S. and Canada, performing on countless stages, throwing down everywhere from SXSW to Disneyworld. Harry studied instrumental music and theory at the University of Central Arkansas, where he gained a broader interest in independent music and production. He currently produces his own music in his bedroom under the moniker banzai florist.