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VOV is an international underground music festival that typically takes place each March in Hot Springs. Since 2005, VOV has been bringing innovative performers from the global music and art communities to Hot Springs. VOV has hosted nearly 3,000 musicians and artists from such faraway places as Japan, South Korea, China, Norway, England, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada. The festival is known for the out-of-the-ordinary hospitality afforded visiting artists, as well as the fun twists it puts on the format - secret shows, surprise locations and intimate workshops, to name only a few.​ In 2021, VOV relocated to Cedar Glades Park, a short drive from downtown Hot Springs.

VOV returns for its 20th anniversary in 2024!

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VOV 2023


VOV 2022 Playlist:

VOV 2021 Playlist:

VOV Best Of: 2006-2021 Playlist:

VOV 2020 (cancelled) Playlist:

VOV 2019 Playlist:

VOV 2018 Playlist:

VOV 2017 Playlist:

VOV 2016 Playlist:

VOV 2015 Playlist:

VOV 2014 Playlist:

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